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Stop the Hooks!

This comes from a video sent to me from A dewsweeper was having problems with their driver because  they have never been able to stop hooking the ball and can’t keep the ball in play.  Their feeling was that their grip was too strong and that caused the duck hook.  Here is what we found.

This Dewsweepers grip was actually fine.  I normally am ok with a slightly stronger grip. In an effort to not hook ball he had gotten his ball position too far  too far back in his stance towards the middle of his stance.  The result was that his head and trunk hung back over his right foot to stay behind the ball because of the ball position.  When this happened the club swung too much in to out (under plane)  and as a result centrifugal force caused the toe of the club to flip over hitting big hooks!

Here is the Swing Fix!  Move the ball up where it needs to be!  Place even with the left heel.

Feel as if your neck and head are going forward over your  left leg at impact.

Swing the  grip to the left on down swing and  leave the  face open through impact.

The result as it was for this dewsweeper will be straighter more solid drives that find the fairway!

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