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We have now made it the beginning of summer and through two of the four majors in men’s professional golf for the year! The PGA was a fun but long week. Sometimes you leave an event,  especially a major, and if you miss a cut you feel dejected, other times you feel surprisingly good. This time I felt surprisingly good. Andy Ogletree did not make it to the weekend but the week provided some fantastic work and some major strides taken most especially with the driver that I believe sets him on a trajectory to have a hell of a summer.  

We have U.S. Open Sectionals for several of the Dewsweepers out there in two weeks and I am hopeful I will have the opportunity to coach once again at Pinehurst, one of my favorite spots on earth. Pinehurst is the place I first picked up the game where my grandfather, my dad and I spent countless summer hours in the area playing golf all day. Pinehurst is also the place I coached my first major. I still remember on the tee with Smylie Kaufman, Robby Shelton and Sam Love and seeing Butch Harmon next to me. It was surreal and something I will never forget. Pinehurst also is where Andy won the U.S. Amateur. Special place and am hoping for a return trip!

Special thanks to all of you who follow, watch and support all of our new instruction content that’s been coming out via our social channels, most especially DewsweeperTV.  We are putting out daily content which includes live lesson look-ins, scenes from real lessons, tips and drills and is the home of our content series Pro Work which takes you inside the ropes and behind the scenes as our Old Palm team works with Tour players and recreational golfers who love the game and want to get better! We have a new episode dropping next week you will be sure to want to watch. If you haven’t checked out DewsweeperTV check it out here. DewsweeperTV

You will see below my schedule for June and July. It is a busy few months. Also note we have added a VIP Retreat for Blue Bell Country Club in Philadelphia in August. Last year’s event there was a blast and I have no doubt this year’s will be as well. 

I am also excited to welcome Eric “Easy E” Brunner back to the squad. Eric will be coaching and teaching again in Mobile as he will take over and help continue to develop the next generation of Dewsweepers in Mobile. Eric worked with us for a long time, and I am excited to have him back helping teach and coach to fill in for Morgan Hale as she heads north for the summer. For lesson times and information with Eric please text 210-860-0860.

We now offer one on one performance sessions which give you the opportunity to spend an hour or more with myself, Kolby Tullier, Dr. Greg Cartin, Mark Hackett, Aaron McConley and others to work specifically on the parts of your game you want to address. It is like a menu at a restaurant where here you pick the parts of your game and the experts you want to team up with to improve. For more details, dates, pricing please email

I know we have a lot of golf coming up and a lot of great programs with great guests and instructors all to help you improve your game. I sure hope to see all of you on the tee soon!  

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Spend a few days with the Dewsweepers Golf team. We look forward to working with you!

~ Tony Ruggiero

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