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Tony Ruggiero
& The Dewsweeper Performance Team

A comprehensive program with an elite team of experts to help any golfer achieve more on the golf course

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Tony Ruggiero leads the Dewsweepers Team

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Under the direction of a Golf digest Top 50 and Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, Tony Ruggiero, Dewsweepers Golf offers a comprehensive instruction and development program for any golfer who wants to improve their performance.

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Preparing for Q School: The Tour Coach Podcast

Preparing for Q School: The Tour Coach Podcast

Second Stage of Q school started today for many of the Dewsweepers y'all know and love. I have players playing in Dothan, Al, New Mexico & California. I tried to see everyone before I was going to be off the tee and while doing that I caught up with two great guys...

Winter Retreat Dates Just Added!

Winter Retreat Dates Just Added!

We're excited to announce that we're offering Winter Retreat & Private Instruction in South Florida featuringTony Ruggiero, Kolby Tullier, Wayne Flint and special guests from December 27-30, 2021! For more information, pricing, location and rooms contact...

Improving Your Backswing Wind Up

This week's video comes from a video I made for a excellent college player. He wanted some thoughts and explanation on how to improve the wind up in his back swing. I firmly believe that for a great deal of us if we get the body and club moved correctly going back it...

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