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Tony Ruggiero
& The Dewsweeper Performance Team

A comprehensive program with an elite team of experts to help any golfer achieve more on the golf course

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Tony Ruggiero leads the Dewsweepers Team

Frederica Learning Center

Under the direction of a Golf digest Top 50 and Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, Tony Ruggiero, the Frederica Learning Center offers a comprehensive instruction and development program for any golfer who wants to improve their performance.

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The Latest

Video of the Week: Drill to Improve Your Back Swing

Here is a great drill for those of you who struggle staying centered or swaying off the ball on your back swing. We did this a couple weekends ago at The Learning Center to help this college player improve her back swing.  This drill is super easy to do and will work...

How to Improve Your Golf Driving Distance

Most of you know how much we have put an importance we have put on getting the body to improve at the things we need to do to  create a better and more efficient golf swing. It is also why having Morgan Hale and Kolby Tullier with us at The Frederica Learning Center...

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