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Tony Ruggiero
& The Dewsweeper Performance Team

A comprehensive program with an elite team of experts to help any golfer achieve more on the golf course

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Tony Ruggiero leads the Dewsweepers Team

Dewsweepers Golf

Under the direction of a Golf digest Top 50 and Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, Tony Ruggiero, Dewsweepers Golf offers a comprehensive instruction and development program for any golfer who wants to improve their performance.

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Golf Instruction Calendar, Newsletter & Content!

We have now made it the beginning of summer and through two of the four majors in men’s professional golf for the year! The PGA was a fun but long week. Sometimes you leave an event,  especially a major, and if you miss a cut you feel dejected, other times you...

VIP Elite Summer Retreat Dates!

Parents of Juniors,  competitive players and adults wanting to improve performance!  We have three VIP Retreats this Summer designed to surround your junior with the same team of experts and the best from around the world of golf that I work with weekly on...

Golf Instruction Content! Revised Dates & Camps!

Good afternoon: We have a busy newsletter here with lots going on! I have a few schedule changes noted below due to some travel for the PGA Championship. I am super excited for student and friend Andy Ogletree earning his way into this year’s PGA...

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