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Tony Ruggiero
& The Dewsweeper Performance Team

A comprehensive program with an elite team of experts to help any golfer achieve more on the golf course

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Tony Ruggiero leads the Dewsweepers Team

Frederica Learning Center

Under the direction of a Golf digest Top 50 and Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, Tony Ruggiero, the Frederica Learning Center offers a comprehensive instruction and development program for any golfer who wants to improve their performance.

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Talking with Rob Houlding on The Tour Coach Podcast

Talking with Rob Houlding on The Tour Coach Podcast

I actually got to know and follow Rob Houlding through social media in particular Facebook first. Later I was fortunate enough to meet Rob at a seminar or two and later we were on a panel together on junior golf at an Open Forum at the PGA Show.  Rob has done things...

Tony’s Favorite Golf Drill

This is hands down one of my favorite drills or exercises to do in order to help people learn to not slide through the ball or hang back over their back leg. This is super easy and I have found it can help most people access their athletic skill to turn through the...

Videos of the Week: Golf Drills for a Better Golf Game

Once again I was going through the stash of videos on my Iphone and found some nuggets of info from our work at my Performance Academy at Frederica.  I love sharing these moments from me and the team coaching and teaching together.   The first one is a...

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