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Tony Ruggiero
& The Dewsweeper Performance Team

A comprehensive program with an elite team of experts to help any golfer achieve more on the golf course

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Tony Ruggiero leads the Dewsweepers Team

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Under the direction of a Golf digest Top 50 and Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, Tony Ruggiero, Dewsweepers Golf offers a comprehensive instruction and development program for any golfer who wants to improve their performance.

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Mentoring and Storytelling Roundtable with The Tour Coach

Mentoring and Storytelling Roundtable with The Tour Coach

This was the last round table discussion at Frederica.  This one was special to me for several reasons. First I think Jackson Koert who is taking over for me as Director of Instruction is going to be a very special teacher and is deserving of the opportunity....

Stop Sliding Through the Ball

Here is a video Jackson and I did with a student who was fighting sliding through the ball and their pivot or turn stalling and losing control of the club face. If you don't control your golf ball very well and you have a power loss in your swing you very well may be...

Stephen Sweeney and Putting

Stephen Sweeney and Putting

I have watched Stephen Sweeney become a fixture on the putting green at PGA Tour events over the alst few years. I had the occasion to work with him one event a year or so ago with a player at Wyndham Championship. I was very impressed by how and what he taught...

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