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I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying some good golf and good weather. We have had a busy few weeks as players have been stopping in for tune-ups and some help before heading back out on the road. We have some great weather and great programs coming out over the next few weeks for the remainder of the spring and into the summer.

Recently at our retreat we had Dr. Scott Lynn join us in the Old Palm Golf Studio for a visit with our members and on the weekend with our retreat guests. One of the cool things about the OP Golf Studio is that it is becoming a wonderful culture of learning where Mark, Dan, Lynn and myself bring people from around the world of golf who are the best at what they do to expose our members and students to all of the needed disciplines it takes to really improve at the game. We were flattered to have a Stroke Savers article on feature our work in the Golf Studio at Old Palm. There are some simple tips and drills here using biomechanics which could help all of you. Check it out here. Biomechanics Made Easy in the Golf Studio!

Our podcast is recording record listens as of late and the extra content we put out from the PGA Show was a huge hit. So, we have expanded our Tour Coach Podcast and there will now be two additional Tour Coach Mini’s each week coming at you! Jackson Koert and myself will be sharing duties on these short interviews you can listen to on the way in to work. You will hear some familiar voices on these starting today. New Tour Coach Mini! Also this week’s Tour Coach is from our Tips and Sips at Old Palm in which one of the great putters of all time, Brad Faxon, joined us to talk about the art of putting and how each of you can improve. It was simple and wonderful information.  

Lastly, I am excited about the new content coming out for all you golf instruction geeks and those who love following what we put out! From our Instagram, to our Dewsweepers YouTube! to Pro Work by Bushnell to the Tour Coach Podcast there is plenty of Dewsweepers action to check out. Below you will find retreat dates along with options to see me for a private lesson.

See you on the tee soon!

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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