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Heading through Spring

Busy stretch of golf and golf instruction here as we head through the spring and toward Augusta and the Masters! We just finished one of our best retreats ever this past week. We had guests from Boston, Hartford and an all-star group of ladies from Old Palm joined me, Mark Hackett, Dr. Greg Cartin, Morgan Hale, Coop, Aaron McConley, Lynn and Dan for one of the best weekends. Everyone got better and everyone had fun, especially the teachers and coaches. Can’t wait to run it back in April. 

If you wonder what it is like hanging and working for a weekend check out the Gram, where we have plenty of scenes from this past weekend. (The Gram!) We also are working diligently to grow the content and instructional offerings on our YouTube channel where you can watch live lesson look-ins, clips from exercises and drills from our daily instruction or catch up and watch Pro Work. (We have more episodes cominb soon!) DewsweeperTV

Starting in May we will offer to those who see us but do not want a group atmosphere, the opportunity to have a half or whole day complete game workshop. It will feature:

  • Full swing instruction and improvement plan with Tony Ruggiero
  • Full fitness evaluation, workout program, and combination of work with trainer and Tony together in Studio. (with Morgan Hale, Aaron McConley or Kolby Tullier)
  • Short game consultation with Mark Hackett
  • On-course work learning to score and apply new techniques and movement patterns

For dates, options and pricing please email

I know we have a lot of golf coming up and a lot of great programs with great guests and instructors all to help you improve your game. I sure hope to see all of you on the tee soon!  

Private Golf Lessons,
Player Development Workshops,
Junior Golf Camps

Spend a few days with the Dewsweepers Golf team. We look forward to working with you!

~ Tony Ruggiero

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