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Stop Lateral Slide

Dewsweeper writes in tha they are having trouble with lateral slide on back swing do I have any tips?

First thing I do is check posture at address: often slide going back is a result of poor postrue at address. Specifically the  left hip being lower than right at set up.  (right handed player)

Here is the Fix!

Make sure yur hips and shoulders feel as if they are running up hill at address.  They should run paralell to each other!

Now a drill to practice to eliminate slide:

Take two plastic chairs or bag racks and place them 4 or 5 ft apart

Set up in between the two with equal distance btween each chair and each of your hips. Make back swings not letting the space between hip and chair change with your swing.if you do this youll be turning not sliding and on your way to a better golf swing!

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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