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Do over? How would I learn to putt?

A dewsweeper writes in and asks if i was learning the game all over again how would i learn to putt?

I  would absolutely learn with a belly putter for the following reasons.

When properly fit a  belly putter gets you in perfect putting posture and setup with the player getting set up all square and  with your elbows against your rib cage.

This allows you to learn to move putter with your pivot not arms and hands.  Which is the same thing we want in your golf swing! This set up helps you learn to swing the  putter on the  correct arc and not a manufacture one with your hands and arms as I see so many amateurs do!

I would suggest if you  are having problems with putting you go get fit for a belly putter and practice with it even if you don’t use it as your  gamer it may make your practice more beneficial and improve your putting stats!

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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