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Trouble staying in your posture?

Dewsweeper Writes in that they have a hard time staying in their posture through the forward swing they tend to stand up do we have any suggestions to help them improve?

First check posture at address make sure you are balanced at address and not to tilted over at hips. Often times I find that a player comes out of their posture in address in an attempt to balance themselves so that they don’t fall down or lose balance during their swing.
stand up to balance ourselves.

Second make sure you are moving the club with your pivot motion not your arms and hands. If your arms are swinging the club too much the club tends to be coming too steep and will run into the ground. As a result your body will tend to stand up out of its posture in order to give the club room to go through.

Here is a drill that may help you as well.

Hit small shots then graduate to big ones feeling like you are staying bent over and leaning over your belt all the way through the ball. This will help you stay in your posture and find more solid contact.

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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