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Fix an open club face?

Dewsweeper writes in that they are struggling with an open club face at the top of their swing. They want to know what can they do to fix it?

I often don’t fix a closed face on a player but I always jump right in and fix this issue. An open face always causes path issues or club head throw away.

Most of the time its grip that is the culprit here. The club is generally too much in the pal of the left hand or turned too far to the left. Lets make sure the left hand is place on there correctly. The club is at the base of the fingers and the heel pad of the left hands sits on top of the grip. When you look down at the hands at address you should be able to see at least 2 knuckles on your left hand.

Now you need to make sure the left wrist is flat not cupped at the top of the swing. A cupped left wrist also opens the club face.

Here is a drill I use all the time you can use it too next time you are on the practice tee.

Check your grip first.

Now, place your drivers license down in your glove so it sticks out and covers back of left wrist.

Hit balls and learn to not bend or push against your driver’s license. This will flatten your left wrist and square up your club face.

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