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Trouble starting the club on plane?

A dewsweeper writes in that they are having trouble starting the club back on plane that they tend to twist the club underneath the plane and too much around their body. They would like some help!

Always check your grip with this issue first. Should your right or left hand aren’t on their properly it can cause you to twist the club on its take away and not let your hands hinge the
club properly during the back swing.

Other useful drills after you have fixed and checked your
grip are to place your aiming sticks down directly behind the ball along the target
line. I prefer to have the student practice taking slow swings tracing the target line with the club head going back til the club hinges then to place the butt of the club pointing at the target line.

If you learn what this takeaway feels like you will be on the way to getting the cub started back on the correct path.

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