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Monitor your Ball Position

All too often people are working on the correct thing but not getting better primarily because the ball is in the wrong spot. You may be working on educating your hands or improving your pivot but the ball position is off and you would miss ball if you didn’t make the wrong or incorrect move to get the ball airborne.

Practice with clubs or sticks on teh ground to monitor ball position. It is essential and you never see a Tour Player practicing with out these aids.

For irons the ball needs to be 1 club head inside left foot. This will allow the ball to be struck right before the low point.

A ball that is too far back causes pivot stall and club head throw away.

A ball that is too far forward gets shoulders and hip out of alignment plus can lead to lateral movement and or an incorrect swing plane.

Check your ball position and monitor to allow the work your doing to pay off.

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