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How to Release

One of the more common questions that I get from listeners to the Dewsweepers or from students who come to work with us is “How do I release the
club?” or “don’t I need to release the club?”. One common misconception among golfer is in the idea of what releasing the club is. The majority of club level and aspiring golfers out there think of trying to release the club as a throwing of the club head or a pushing of the club head through impact with the right hand (right handed player). This misconception of trying to release the club head through the ball causes more poor shots and more power leaks than any flaw I see among golfers.

It would help all golfers to understand what you are looking to achieve at impact. The impact position we are looking for is one in which the ball is compressed against the ground (any shot not on a tee). Thus the ball is hit right before the low point of the swing. We then are looking for a position in which there a flat left wrist and a bent right wrist at impact. This position and the correct low point wont occur when there is club head throw away which occurs when the player is trying to release the club.

So what I am saying is understand what you are trying to release. Learn to release the club with your body not your hands. If you can learn to load the club up going back and then deliver the club to the ball and to your finish with your pivot motion or your body rather than your hands and arms you will become a much more powerful and consistent ball striker!

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