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Tip to improve your forward swing pivot

A Dewsweeper writes in and wants to know what is a good tip to help them turn through the ball better?

Too often people fee like they are turning but all too often if find they are stalling out with their turn or turning around their back leg rather than turning through onto their front foot.

One of the things that’s interesting with having the Swing Catalyst at my teaching facility at Santa Rosa Golf and BEach Club is that it shows where the center of gravity is during the swing. The majority of all mid to upper handicap players leave that center back over their rear or right foot at impact. The key is to get the center of gravity moving forward to pull the club through the ball. Try and make your sternum go forward and around

I like this visual 3 balls in triangle out in front and left of your left foot a few paces

Get your chest to turn forward and through towards the triangle of balls. Try this visual and see if you don’t start hitting more solid iron shots.

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