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Hit better in between wedge shots

Cleveland golf tip of the week

Dewsweeper writes in that they have trouble with in between wedge shots do I have any suggestions?

First I would suggest better planning off the tee or lay up shot. Look to hit the ball to specific full shot distances. Often times the right tee club is not the driver as a well struck tee shot can leave you too close tot he green.

For the unavoidable in betweeners use one of these two options.

First choke down on the club and make a full swing and at full speed. You will need to test on your own to get distance travelled with a choked shot. Practice choking a half inch and an inch see how much distance this takes off. This is the easiest way to hit in between distances.

Second is to make full motion golf swing but take speed off with less arm speed. This is more difficult and for the more advance player.

Once you know these distances(best to use a device) you can change speed, choke and size of back swing to hit different yardages.

Write these distance down. Now you need to practice hitting shots to towels on the ground of your driving range laid out at specific distances and learn to hit the balls and land them on these towels. the you will have better distance control over your scoring clubs.

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