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A college player that I teach and I were talking recently about her frustration over how hard she works and practices but how little her golf swing is changing towards the changes she is trying to make. She is one of the hardest practicers I know and dedicates a tremendous amount of time to hitting balls and working on short game. Her difficulty is with feeling the difference between her old swing and the new one when she is hitting balls and on the course. In fact when she is honest she probably really doesn’t feel much of any difference. We needed to find a way to get her to feel the difference and feel the changes.

Here is what we did and her play is improving and she is starting to get paid dividends from her intense practice sessions. Practice the first 1/3 to ½ of practice time at half or 1/3 of full speed. The full motion shots at a slower speed allow her to accomplish a few things. The swing happens at a slow enough speed that she can monitor the movements and do them much more mechanically correct. Secondly the slow lotion repetitions allow her to actually create a feel and awareness of how the correct motion feels which allows her to differentiate between her old swing an her developing new one.

This new routine has allowed her to make the changes quicker and more permanent. Her hard work is paying off and her scores are coming down. She is getting more effective use of her practice time. This will work for your game too!

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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