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Help Reading Greens

People often struggle reading because they have poor aim and speed control. All too often golfers don’t get the ball started on the line that they think they are aimed at. Golfers often also have poor speed control which makes it difficult to become consistent with reading the lines and breaks on the green. In order to become better at reading greens first improve your aim and speed control. Work on each separately and independently.

Practice lining up stripe on ball so you get aimed correct as well as practice short putts on a carpenters chalkline. These are the two best and quickest ways to improve your alignment and aim in putting.

Next is focus on speed in your practice. If your speed gets consistent you will start seeing the line better. Practice hitting different length putts trying to get the ball close to the edge of the fringe with out touching it. This drill will help create a better feel for speed and touch on the green.

Other tips to improve green reading are to look at green while approaching it. it is often easier to see the slopes and breaks of a green from a distance rather than when you are on the green.

Look to see where the low point is and where water runs off. Looking for drainage lines can help you see where gravity will pull your rolling golf ball. The way the green drains is the way the ball will break and roll

Pay attention to grain. Shiny grass is with grain and the putt will be faster. Dark grass is against the grain and the putt will be slower.

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