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What’s Happening at Dewsweepers

I wanted to start this off by first thanking all of you for all of your support over the past year and years! We have had an exciting year full of growth and development. I have never been more excited about the crop of young players I am working with or about the opportunities and programs in front of us that we are developing. I am more excited than ever but none of it would be possible without the loyal support of our Dewsweepers!

The season for all professional golfers has come to a close after this weekend and it is time to get back to work after some rest for the Holidays. I look forward to the challenge to get back after it with our boys starting with our annual get together the first week of January in Palm Beach. Golf Camp is one my favorite weeks of the year as I even get to play some golf and take on the boys. The week is fun and productive and always produces lots of great golf content to share on our social avenues.

This past year has seen us expand our reach on many social avenues especially with the growth of The Tour Coach podcast which gets somewhere around 10k listens a week which amazes me. The Tour Coach is taped with friends, guests and folks I meet, teach and teach with on Tour, at Old Palm or in Alabama! If you haven’t listened yet give it a try you will find some familiar names and faces. We have also made an effort to grow our presence on YouTube and publish content almost daily with short clips and scenes from our daily teachings. We have over 200k views a month and this channel is an opportunity to expose more and more people to some simple help and drills to help them play better golf. Give it a look if you haven’t had the chance.

We recently shot some great content for Golf Magazine at the Top 100 Summit in Phoenix as well as some great stuff down at Old Palm which all of you will be seeing roll out soon. We will share with you as is comes out.

We have retreat dates for working with Morgan Hale, Dr. Greg Cartin, Kolby Tullier, Mark Hackett, Dan Terlescki, Lynn Valentine, Richard Terga and me out For information please check schedule here.

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Spend a few days with the Dewsweepers Golf team. We look forward to working with you!

~ Tony Ruggiero

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