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Struggle with partial wedge shots

A dewsweeper writes in and asks for help with the short pitches of 40 50 60 and 70 yards that he leaves himself frequently on par 5’s as his 3rd shot.

These partial shots can be very difficult.

I would start by suggesting that you game plan better on these holes and go by the rule that if you are not at a yardage you can fly the ball into the green and hold it that you lay yourself back to a full wedge distance . You will find that your scoring will improve.

However, to hit those in betweeners it is important to learn to control your distance by learning to control the distance the ball is hit with the size of your pivot.

The problem here is that you are tryin to hit the ball with too much speed in your arms and pivot.
Try learning to hit shots with a big full motion pivot that goes at different speeds.
Hit a few pitches at full motion and 30 percent speed then 50 percent speed.
See if you don’t start hitting nice soft pitches that go the exact distance you need.

A great practice drill for this is to pitch the ball with a towel under your arms and make these full motions very slow.

Another tool I use is the Perfect Connexxion. it is wonderful for helping you connect your arms to your pivot and in helping control distances with pivot rather than arms and hand speed.
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