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Improve your timing

A dewsweeper writes in and wants to know some tips to improve timing in a golf swing.
Im going to start by saying that if you have a golf swing that is dependent on timing you most likely have a golf swing in which there is something not matched up.

If your pivot moves your club and your arms swing the club on plane and stay in front of your pivot and your club face is square than no matter how your timing is you would hit the ball straight.

So there is apparently something not matched up in your golf swing. Now rhythm is a huge issue in a golf swing and different players swing better at different rhythms. A players personality dictates this to a great extent.

To improve your rhythm try to focus on a pre shot routine which gets you slowed down to the proper rhythm. This will help you with staying in rhythm on the course.

When practicing find a speed such as swinging at 60 percent which produces solid contact. Try and learn what 60 percent feels like and go to the course hitting all shots at no more than 60 percent.

Another drill I use frequently is to have student put 3 balls down in a line and hit the first ball 1/3 speed
The 2nd ball 2/3 speed and the third one at your full speed.

Concentrating on holding your finish can also help you with your balance and help you learn to swing more in rhythm and improve your balls triking.

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