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Stop Drop Kicking Your Driver!

This weeks tip of the week came in from the Dewsweepers mailbag.

A dewsweeper writes in and asks for some help to stop dropkicking their driver. Can I give him anything he can do on the course?

Normally when you dropkick your driver (or your driver bounces into the ball by hitting the ground behind the ball.your trunk has gotten to tilted away from the target because your are trying to lift the ball or help it into the air.

Next time you play wear a striped shirt and practice making swings and keeping your stripes as level as you can during your forward swing. Keeping your stripes level will help keep you from drop kicking your driver and help you make more solid contact.

Another drill to revisit that we have done before on the dewsweepers is practice swinging down the hill. Any tilt in your trunk will result in you hitting the ground way to early. If you and learn to not hit the hill early you are already swinging better.
Something I will have my student do on the course is have them tee the ball lower and make sure that they knock the tee out of the ground. This will help reduce the tilt back and help you stay more level in your downward swing resulting in less dropkicks.

Also note that over active hands or the pushing of the club head to the ball will also make the club head reach the ground to soon. Make sure you have the grip of the club go past the ball first.

Of course you do this in conjunction with a level pivot as i discussed earlier.

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