We now go to the Cleveland golf v1 tip of the week.

Dewsweeper writes in that he is having a hard time get his driver in play on the 18th hole when the match or game with his buddies is on the line. This dewsweeper all too often hits a big hook. He asks for a little help to win the 18th.

Well here is tip to use any time the heat is on and you absolutely have to get the ball in play.
My first suggestion would be to hit a fairway metal. Take a fairway wood and tee it up just slightly and hit it out there. When suggesting this to students frequently say that the hole plays to long with a 3 wood off the tee.

My response is how long does the hole play from the water?

Should you not feel confident with your fairway metal try this with your driver.

Tee the ball down much lower that normal. This will make you impart a more downward blow on the ball and keep the head of the driver from having the opportunity to get underneath the ball and impart hook spin on the ball. Now chances are that you will not hit the Ball s far but you will reduce the chance s for a big hook and have the ball in play with a chance to win the 18th.