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Improve your Forward Swing Pivot

We talk all the time about improving someone’s forward swing pivot. Did I have a favorite drill they could do on their own to improve their forward swing pivot. Here is a wonderful drill that is a favorite of mine and you can do on your own at your golf course or practice facility.

Find yourself a bunker around your practice facility.

Draw a line in the sand with your club a few feet long.

Place your left foot just to the left of the line approximately where the ball would sit. The line should be in line with the logo on your golf shirt if you are a right handed player. Now make your stance. The drill is to take golf swings and make the club hit the sand in front of or the target side of the line.
If you are an individual; that either uses too much arms, hands or tilts you will find your first swings either miss the sand completely or hit way behind the line. I do this frequently with students and film them doing this drill. It is quite amazing how much better their pivot and impact gets during the drill and how much easier they can feel the correct motion after doing the bunker drill.
As you get better at doing this you will find that the only way to move the low point up in front of the line is to make a better pivot motion and to get your trunk more on top of the ball at impact. This has your body or trunk moving forward rather than tilted up and back which is what happens most of the time when you have a poor forward swing pivot and swing the club too much with your arms.
Try my favorite pivot drill and see if you don’t start hitting better golf shots.

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