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Swing the Club More on Plane

How do I get my short iron swing on plane? This Dewsweeper said his takeaway from the address position has a move in which the hands go our away from the body and the club head twists under the plane going back. The result he says is a shank. This Dewsweeper wants to know how to fix his takeaway and get his short irons more on plane.
I would start by checking the position of the club in both hands. If your right or rear hand is too much on top of the club at address it can cause the hands to roll too much going back and allow the club to go under plane.
A grip that is not properly placed in the left hand with the club being too much in the palm will make it difficult for the wrists to hinge properly. Often times the hands or arms twist because the wrists cannot hinge the club properly up the plane.
The best drill to use for this is to either buy a laser swing path trainer and trace a seam in your carpet or drive way.
Another thought which could possibly help is to make rehearsal back swings and feel as if the club head is hinged during the takeaway outside and in front of your chest and arms. The thought during the entire back swing is to keep the club head outside your hands during the whole back swing.
See if these thoughts don’t help you make better more on plane back swings.

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