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Practice to Make More Putts

At the Dewsweepers Golf School and on the website this topic recently came in.
How can I make more putts and practice putting the right way? Most golfers that I see struggling with their putting move the putter too much with their hands and arms versus their pivot just as we do in a golf swing.
I like to see my competitive players set up this putting training station on their putting green and practice making putts.
Start with a 6 foot straight putt and snap a chalk line.
Next put a tee on each side of the end of the line the width of your putter. Allow just enough room for the putter to go through.
Finally take your golf towel and put it under your arms across your chest.
Now you are ready to get your putting in check.
Place a golf ball on the chalk line centered between the tees. Practice making putts with the towel under your arms across your chest. Don’t be surprised if you hit the tees and miss the hole a few times in the beginning.
If you get good at missing the tees and making putts you will have gotten your stroke do be moved by your pivot rather than your hands and missing the tees and rolling the ball up the line will have also gotten the putter swinging on plane and hitting your putts more solid.
Seeing a whole bunch of putts go in will also never hurt your confidence either!

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