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Grip Check!

I recently gave a lesson to a great student and good friend of mine and although we have worked for many years we revisited his grip. Although the grip is quite possibly the most important fundamental to learn in the golf swing it is often overlooked when trying to figure out whats wrong with a golf swing.
Remember that that the grip effects the face of the club and a grip that has crept too weak can cause a face to be slightly open which can result in several things which can cause you poor shots and inconsistent ball striking as well as a loss of power. A grip that is too weak and an open face can cause a pivot to slow down and so the club can be squared by the hands at impact or a path that comes from the outside in an effort to get the ball started on line. None of these what you prefer.
A grip that creeps too strong can cause the face to be shut. This too can make undesirable things get into your swing. A face that is shut can make your path swing to much in to out as well as create incorrect pivot motion going through the ball.
No matter how long you have been playing if you start to struggle out of the blue do yourself a favor and go to your teacher and check and make sure your grip is exactly where you want it for your club face and your swing. It does not take much for a grip to get off and get you a lot out of whack. It’s easier to fix your grip than to redo your golf swing.

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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