We’ve had some great questions out there! Here are a few answers and tips.

Balance: How to Find a Balanced Setup

The first place we need to look is in your knee flex and the amount you are bent over at the waist. The edge of your shoulders and should be over the tips of your shoes. If you are too bent over at the waist you we will be in an unbalanced position and forced to change your posture during your swing to compensate for the poor posture and balance at address.

Weight Balance

Your weight should be centered in your stance. The feeling here should be that you are positioned as if you are going to jump straight up in the air.

Is it OK to release your eyes or head when hitting chips or pitches?

It certainly can work to release your eyes with the contact of the ball as it flies towards the target. This release of the eyes and swivel with the head can make it easier for you to pivot through the ball rather than hanging back onto your back foot. Before you get to carried away with it consult your local teacher.