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I always marked the start of golf season with seeing the first Masters Commercials on TV. It seems like the excitement and interest in golf is starting earlier and earlier every year and the excitement and eagerness to learn and improve is at an all time high! We are super excited about the month ahead as we have some great instruction programs and dates available for all skill levels!

Some things to watch for! Student Ben Carr makes his Masters debut in just about a month. I am always grateful and excited about the opportunity to coach and teach at The Masters. Always exceptionally cool to watch a young player especially an Amateur make their first start and experience all of the traditions and atmosphere The Masters brings!

Pro Work! Many of you saw we debuted a new content series which will be coming to many social media and golf mediums soon! Pro Work gives golfers an inside behind the scenes look at our instruction team, how we work together and how we help golfers of all skill levels improve from Tour Players to recreational golfers and even beginners! Th latest episode will come out in the next week or so and is fantastic!! Stay tuned! The link to episode 1 is at the top of this email!

Sessions with Kolby Tullier and myself have become so popular that we are working on a monthly offering of this program. If you are interested in a session in April with Kolby Tullier, mark Hackett and myself please email or text me!

Summer Dates at Blue Bell in Philly! I will be releasing in the next week a series of dates for instruction at Blue Bell through the summer! Hopefully we can see many of our friends from the North this summer!

If you would like a private lesson or information on working with us for a weekend please reach out to me! For information please check schedule below and email or text 850.225.1631!

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Spend a few days with the Dewsweepers Golf team. We look forward to working with you!

~ Tony Ruggiero

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