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Trouble getting driver in the air?

A dewsweeper writes in that they are struggling getting their driver in the air. Do we have any help?

When I see a student who struggles with a low driver that gives them no carry I look at the following two areas of interest.

Equipment. Everyone knows that I don’t like to just replace equipment. However, If you suffer from not getting your driver in the air make sure that your driver has enough loft on it. I would suggest 10.5 at a minimum. Most handicap golfers have too little loft and too stiff a shaft. Also check the flex of your shaft if it is stiff or even regular you may have too stiff of a shaft to get the ball in the air.

Trying to get the ball in the air often causes a golfer to lean back and swing up attempting to lift the ball. This just puts top spin or reduces the back spin on the ball. Backspin is needed to help lift the ball into the air. Try teeing the ball down and making a more downward blow on the driver.

Remember the more you try to swing up and lift the lower the ball will go.

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