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Tour Coach: The Genius of our Mentor HJ with Mark Wood, Wayne Flint, and Luke Kerr Dineen

This is one particularly close to me and meaningful. If you listen to the podcast or have taken a lesson you will have heard me talk of HJ and his mentoring and lessons. It wasn’t always easy being his assistant and Im sure he wasnt always happy with me or proud of me but working for him was an honor. When he passed I had been wanting to get Woody, Wayne and myself together for awhile to record this. Recently Luke Kerr Dineen of Golf Digest contacted me about old HJ articles in the archives and their relevance and insight. From that text came this podcast. great insight ang lots of cool talk come in this edition. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Thanks to Luke for sharing the ideas and for Woody and Wayne for being great mentors. We are proud to be from Hj teaching tree!

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