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Tony’s Short Game Improvement Tip Series #3 – Putting


Here’s the Cleveland Golf Tip of the Week. At the Dewsweepers Golf School and on the website it’s always a topic, “How can I improve my scoring and short game?”

Over the last few weeks we have covered chipping and pitching. We are going take you through how to improve your putting today.

First I advocate using the line on your ball to help get you lined up. Use the writing or a line to point at the intended target. This will help you get more consistent with your aim and get the ball started m ore on line. You will also become better at green reading as you begin to aim more consistently. Many people struggle with green reading because they aim themselves inconsistently and all over the place.

With your grip we want the putter to be place in the palm of your hands so that we deactivate the wrists. We want to reduce wrist action in the putting stroke.

Have the v between your thumb and index finger come off the shaft of your putter at a 45 degree angle. This will allow your elbows tow rest comfortably against your ribcage. Now bend over from the waist keeping your elbows against your rib cage and move the putter back and thru equal distances back and thru. We want to avoid short strokes that accelerate the putter to the ball.

Learn to swing the putter with the rocking of your shoulders. Your lead shoulder or left shoulder for a right handed player should feel as if it goes down than up.

Keep a steady head and try and hold your finish this will help you finish your stroke and make more solid contact with your putts.
Try this setup and stroke keys and see if you don’t start making more putts and shooting lower scores.

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