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Thoughts as I Head to Farmers Insurance Open in San Diego

 I am currently on my way to San Diego for the Farmers Insurance Open! I am looking forward to getting on the ground and working with Lucas, Robby, Andy and Brandon this week! Two big golf courses this week. Good test ahead, especially with the weather not being what you would expect in Southern California.

My goal has always been to build a place and atmosphere where golfers can train and submerge themselves with the very best in the world of golf. I have always believed when you surround people who want to get better with the tools to do so and then you throw in the best players in the world hanging around with you, you create a special environment unlike any other.  If you look at the names and people who have come and are coming to Frederica, you see we are building just that. It is a special place and a special place to learn. I’m excited to have these people coming to work with us. You should come see it!

We just wrapped up a big weekend Retreat at Frederica. It was truly a great experience and the feedback from the students has been awesome. We had some highly skilled Juniors along with some Amateurs who just want to get better. Last weekend’s retreat featured a look at the biomechanics of the golf swing and worked to improve students’ pivots with the help of Dr. Scott Lynn and Morgan Hale. We also had Dr. Greg Cartin on hand, helping with the mental and performance side of the game. Debbie Doniger joined me and Jackson to help with full swing and coaching. It was a fun and unbelievably productive weekend. Look for the podcast we taped coming out next week. There are some real nuggets in there.


We have a couple of special retreats planned, along with our regularly scheduled events. Be sure and sign up soon – dates have been selling out!

I am excited to announce an upcoming Special Experience at The Frederica Learning Center May 15 and 16!  Bill Harmon will join me once again for a VIP Experience! This one of a kind learning experience and will kick off with a reception the night of the 14th. Expect to hear plenty of stories and insight from Bill and myself.

Feb 20-21 will feature Tony Ruggiero, Jackson Koert, Morgan Hale and Kolby Tullier.  Spots won’t last long as this will be a fun and intense weekend for those wanting to get better!

If you are a golfer regardless of skill level who wants to get better take a look at coming to one of our intensive retreats with the team at Frederica.  Each retreat features different areas of focus and guest instructors along with me, Jackson and Morgan.  I’ve added a new April date as well as an upcoming date with Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor Kevin Kirk!  Weekends are filling up fast.  For information or to reserve a spot please check our Booking Information!  

January 30-31 with Tony Ruggiero and Jackson Koert, 

February 20-21 with Tony Ruggiero, Jackson Koert, Morgan Hale and Kolby Tullier

February 27-28 with Tony Ruggiero, Jackson Koert, Morgan Hale, Mark Wood and Eric Brunner.

March 7-8 with Tony Ruggiero, Jackson Koert,  Morgan Hale & Dr. Greg Cartin (SOLD OUT)

March 21-22 with Tony Ruggiero, Jackson Koert, Morgan Hale and Eric Brunner

March 27-28 with Tony Ruggiero, Jackson Koert, Morgan Hale and Wayne Flint.

June 9-11 with Tony Ruggiero, Kevin Kirk, Jackson Koert, and Morgan Hale!

VIP Junior Camp at Ocean Reef Club is July 9-11.  Details coming soon. 

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Spend a few days with the Dewsweepers Golf team. We look forward to working with you!

~ Tony Ruggiero

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