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Stop the Smother Hook

A dewsweeper writes in that they are tired of low smother hooks and hitting it left can I give them any help to start hitting a fade.

Here is where I start. First lets look at where the balls starts in relation to the target line.
If the ball is starting to the left of the target line for a right handed golfer in most cases it means the path of the club is too steep or from the outside.

My remedy for this would be the old tee your golf ball up an inch or so away from your driver headcover and see if that doesnt get the ball started out on the right path.

From there to fade the ball play the ball slightly more forward so that the driver is swinging more to the left when it makes contact with the ball.

Next open your stance slightly aiming your feet a few degrees left of the target.
Now here is the important part:
You need the correct hand motion:
when coming through the ball let the back of your left hand feel as though it is pointing up to the sky. this will help leave the face open in order to cut the ball.
try these setup keys and new hand action and see if you dont hit the cut you are looking for off the tee.

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