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Control your distance with scoring clubs

Dewsweeper writes in that they are having trouble hitting wedges close and with distance control in their wedge game can I help?

1 Practice distance- know how far you really carry the ball. Mark yardages and use real golf balls. Lay some towels or baskets out on the range in ten yards increments and learn to hit wedges and land on the towel. Technology and the use of flightscope or carry and hit your scoring irons.

2 Use a big motion and make sure your arms are matched up with your pivot. Too much arm or flash speed at bottom makes it difficult to predict how the ball will jump out and far it will carry.
People who make short back swings and really accelerate have a hard time becoming precise and accurate with these shots.
Try hitting more club with less speed see if you don’t get it closer

Practice with towel drill. Place a big towel under your arms across your chest to match your arms and pivot up so that you can become a better wedge player.

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