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Alabama All-Star Junior Development Camp in July

I am excited to put the band back together and bring this elite team together to provide what will be the premier junior golf learning experience in Alabama this summer! This group collectively has developed more top juniors, college players and professionals than any group in the region, state or for as many as anyone in the Country This program is excellent for juniors and collegiate players! These programs all include a focus on improving performance on the course by not only improving swing mechanics, improving your body’s ability to make an improved motion, improve mental performance, learn how to practice effectively and work on course for practical application.

Cost for the camp is $750 we can help and supervise lodging.

For juniors we can help coordinate travel and lodging with our group!

I can’t wait to have you work with our team this summer! Visit here to book!

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Spend a few days with the Dewsweepers Golf team. We look forward to working with you!

~ Tony Ruggiero

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