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US Open week was a blast. Kudos to the USGA who did a marvelous job with everything from course set up to all the logistics. Brookline was by far the best run and best US Open I have been too! I counted them up on the way out there. This was my 9th straight National Championship! Fingers crossed for 10 in a row for next year! I was really pleased with the progress of student Grayson Murray and how he is playing. A really solid -3 on Friday helped him make the cut. Lots to build on and lots to take away from last week with a busy summer ahead for Grayson and all our players.

This week is the Future Masters over in Dothan, Alabama – still one of my favorite junior tournaments in the Country. Kevin Klein and the group there do an amazing job. I stopped in to watch a few holes this week and was impressed with the course and quality of play. Junior golf is getting better and better each year. I would like to think part of that is because of top development programs such as ours who keep pushing the development envelope. Looking forward to seeing how our junior Dewsweepers compete this week!

I think you will see in our programs below along with the programs and plans we have coming out in the near future we are committed to pushing the envelope as hard as we can and to be the industry leaders In player development!

I am excited to bring our All Star Junior Camp back to Alabama and Montgomery CC this month. Wayne Flint, Mark Wood, Morgan Hale and myself team up in Montgomery! Details can be found here. This is a tremendous opportunity for juniors in our state and region.

See you on the tee soon!

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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