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Why a Pre Shot Routine?

We had a question in the Dewsweepers mailbag that asks why should I use a pre shot routine?
The first and primary reason is that an effective pre shot routine helps get you into the correct set up position every time.
One of the real keys to becoming a consistent player is to get into the same set up position every time. That means correct alignment, ball position, posture and distance from the ball each and every shot.
So consistency in setup is first.
Second is that a good routine is important to help you play better as the stress level on the course goes up. If you are playing very well or playing poorly a good routine can help keep you in rhythm and keep you focused on what YOU do when you play well. A good pre shot routine can help keep you from wandering off to faster rhythm or thoughts about negative consequences.
I have heard it said many times by great players that when you are under the gun and the heat is on the only thing you have to fall back on is your routine it can help make you feel relaxed and perform better.If you struggle with consistency try and develop a good pre shot routine and see if you don’t improve

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