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Get Rid of the Chicken Wing

One of the top questions or faults a student will ask me about when we begin a first lesson together is that they want to get rid of the chicken wing.

First lets understand what the chicken wing is and why it occurs. The left arm (right handed golfer) appears to fold up and look like a chicken wing on may amatuer golfers. Its a common flaw and no one wants to be told they have a chicken wing in their golf swing.

WHAT HAPPENS That causes this??

The left arm folds up as the club head passes your hands.
The cause is a stall in your pivot motion. And I don’t mean the ones you put hot sauce on. Every avid golfer knows how deadly the chicken wing is, and how hard it is to get rid of. Well here is a start.
Your left arm (for right handed players) buckles and looks like a chicken wing through impact and after. This happens when the pivot motion, the rotation of your trunk, slows down through the ball. The left arm folds as the pivot stalls. The way to fix this is to fix your pivot. Learn to hit the ball more with the trunk of your body and not with your hands and arms.

Here is a drill to help. Go to your local store and/or garage and find a nerf ball. When you get back on the practice tee hit pitch shots with the nerf ball between your forearms. Hit shots without letting the ball fall or drop out. If you to do this it will help you learn to use your pivot to hit the ball and not allow your left arm to fold up like a chicken wing!

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