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Stop Lateral Slide

We had a question in the Dewsweepers mailbag that asks how do I stop lateral slide?
First lets understand why we slide.
Lateral slide is used in the golf swing as a timing mechanism. What I mean by that is that people generally slide laterally during the forward swing in an effort to create time to get the club back into the correct position and in front of their pivot.
I most often see this in golfers who have their arms out of position in the back swing such as a right elbow that is too far behind the right hip. (for a right handed golfer)
The best way to fix the slide is to eliminate the reason you are sliding and find the error in your golf swing which creates the need to buy your self time on the downswing.
A drill that I use all the time is to have a player hit balls next to a bag stand or a shaft in the ground.
Place the bag stand or shaft up against your left hip and hit balls learning to not bump the bag stand or shaft with your left hip.
This will create a feeling that your left hip is turning our of the way or the sensation that the hip is actually backing up or going backwards.
Try this and see if you don’t eliminate your lateral slide

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