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Whats the right Ball for You?

A question came in from the Dewsweepers mailbag which asked was it always better to play the most expensive ball?

The answer to this question is definitely “NO”.

It is very important to find the ball that is right for your games’ needs. For instance if you need distance you are going to want a ball which is harder and goes further. The trade off here is that as the ball gets harder and goes further it also spins less and is more difficult to control around the green.

You must find the right combination of distance and the ability to control the ball around the green. I believe the best way to do this is through a ball fitting. We do this frequently here at the Hank Johnson School of Golf at Santa Rosa Beach using Tracman Technology. The Tracman is a wonderful tool to measure the distance and spin on the golf ball. Find yourself a place offering a ball fitting and go try out all varieties and see which one measures up best for you.

For more information on which ball might be best for you you can always email us here at the Dewsweepers!

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