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Struggling with Fairway Woods?

A Dewsweeper writes in that he needs help with his fairway woods.

One of the problems I see with people struggling with their fairway woods is that they are trying to sweep the ball off the turf and lift the ball into the air. The Key to success with fairway woods is to play them exactly as we have taught you to hit iron shots here on the Dewsweepers. That Key is to remember that the low point of the swing needs to be in front of the ball. The ball with a fairway wood still needs to be compressed against the turf in order to be hit solidly.

Golfers who struggle with fairway woods too often try to lift the ball in the air which causes them to lean back, swing up and never get turned all the way through the ball to their front foot.

Next time you hit a fairway wood. Look in front of the ball. Make sure the club hits the ground in front of the ball and try and keep your shoulders level and finish on your front foot.

Remember keep your ball position up in front near the logo on your golf shirt.

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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