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Straightening Right Leg?

Another great question comes in this week from the Dewsweepers mailbag. A Dewsweeper is struggling with the issue that they are straightening their right (back leg) during their back swing and it is causing them problems. They aren’t sure how to fix.Like I always say here on the Dewsweepers it helps to first understand why this is happening. Most of the time when a golfer is straightening their back leg it is because without doing so they feel as if they can’t make a big enough back swing and feel as if they wont have enough power. It is key here to remember that the straitening of the right or rear leg causes you to give up the coil that you have built up during your back swing and makes you less powerful, even if it allows you to get the club further back.It is next to impossible to fix this while making swings at full speed with a ball in front of you. You will continue to make the same mistake and swing over and over. The best, fastest and most effective way to fix this is to make slow correct rehearsals in front of a mirror without the ball. This will insure that you are making the correct motion and give you the opportunity at this slow speed to learn what the correct motion feels like. Learning in this way will give you an opportunity to change your mechanics over time and be able to take them to the golf course.

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