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Blading or Skulling Bunker Shots?

Dewsweeper writes in that they are hitting too many bunker shots thin and bladed over the green can I help.
Lets start with what we are trying to do in a bunker shot. We are trying to hit a fat shot and hit the sand before the ball so that the sand will splash the ball up onto the green.

Most problems with bunkers I find come from poor ball postion. Most amateurs play the ball too far back which places the ball in the path of the club before the ball hits the ground or the sand in this case.

The fix: move the ball up in front of where the low point is supposed to occur. We’ve mentioned many a time here on the dewsweepers that the lowpoint should occur under the left shoulder if we simply put the ball forward of our left shoulder socket we can insure that the club hits the sand before the ball.

Also if you square the face of the sandwedge up it will make the leading edge dig the sand and act more like a shovel.

This will also help reduce the likliehood of the ball coming out thin or bladed.
That’s the Cleveland golf tip of the week.

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