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Trouble Pulling Putts?

Struggling with pulling their putts to the left. They are obviously a right handed player
Putting is just like your full swing. We want to move the putter with our pivot rather than our hands.
As in a full swing if our pivot motion stalls or slows the club head will pass the hands and hit the ball to the left. I often use the analogy of a speed boat pulling a water skier. If the boat slows down the momentum of the skier carries the skier past the boat on the outside. Well the same thing happens with a golf club or in this case your putter.
The putting stroke because the shaft is much more vertical or up and down requires a posture which is more bent over and a shoulder motion which is more up and down.
Try this feeling and see if you don’t hit better putts and eliminate the pulls
When putting try and make your lead shoulder feel as if it is going down toward the ball on the back stroke and back up and around on your forward stroke. If your should and pivot moves the club your hands will be less likely to be active.

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