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Stop Drop Kicking Your Driver!

A dewsweepers writes in that they listen on the way to the course and that they have been battling terrible and drop kicked drives lately. Any suggestions?

Well we certainly can give you some suggestions here. I find that most people who are struggling with drop kicked drives are trying to help the ball into the air and lift the ball off the tee. When a person is trying to give an upward blow to the drive it results frequently in trunk that is too tilted back away from the ball. When your trunk leans back and the club is trying to swing up the result is a club that reaches its low point prematurely.

We have talked numerous times here on the dewsweepers about pivot. My preference as a teacher to have pivot that is much more level. Your trunk should appeared stacked over the ball at impact from a face on view.

Headed to the course today try these two tips. If you have a striped shirt on and if you don’t pretend you do, make your forward swings trying to keep your stripes as level as possible while turning through the ball. Level stripes in your forward swing will hell take away the drop kick.

Another good one is to tee the ball down lower and make sure that you are trying to knock the tee out of the ground with your driver swing. The result will be a more downward blow which will help reduce the tilt and the drop kick.

A training aid that we endorse here that is excellent to help you learn the feel of the correct swing is the dream swing. Check it out at http// . I think you will find it useful in helping you stay level and finding the correct low point in the swing!

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