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Too many toe hits?

A dewsweeper writes in that they are struggling with unsolid shots off the toe of the club.

I find in my teaching that most people struggling with shots off the toe of the club have way to overactive hands at the bottom of the golf swing. Most of the time this is because of two reasons. They are either trying to add power or hit at the bottom of their swing by throwing or pushing the club head towards the ball or they are using their hands in an attempt to square the club face and prevent a shot that goes to the right.

Lets start with the first one. Dewsweeper 101 here. Remember that the hands are not used to add power. For a refresher in what the hands do in golf swing and their role in power reefer back to Hanks’ Power Tip number 4. The body pivot in the golf swing is what delivers the club head to the ball and is what supplies the power in the golf swing.

In response to squaring the club face if you have a correct grip and a square club face your hands are not needed to square up the club face at impact. The rotation of the body and your pivot motion are what squares the face.

Here is a drill that will help you get out the over active hands and reduce those toe hits. Hit some balls with the ball about a balls width inside either a 2×4 or a head cover.

Another useful tool to help get the correct feel with your swing is the dream swing. Click here for more information. It is wonderful to get the feel of a swing that is on the correct path and is impossible to use your hands.

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