A Dewsweeper writes in and asks if we have any help for a right handed golfer who swings the club too much off the plane tot he right (for a right handed golfer).

One of the things we say here at the Hank Johnson School of Golf is that the difficult thing about golf is that you are trying to hit a ball on a straight line with a swing that is a circle. The point here is that golfers often make the mistake of trying to swing the club and/or there arms down the target line rather than swinging the club back up to the left on the correct plane.

Try these suggestions to help get the club swinging on the correct path rather than too much to the right.

1) Tuck your shirt sleeve of your left arm (right hand golfer) underneath your armpit. Make swings and hit balls keeping your shirt sleeve tucked under your arm. This will help keep your arms attached to your pivot and reduce the likelihood that your club will swing too much down the line.

2) Set up with the ball on the ground in your address position and rotate your body in a circle pushing the ball along the ground in a semi-circle. This will help you get the feeling of the rotary motion of the golf swing.

3) I would also suggest using the Dream Swing training aid. For more information on the Dream Swing email me here at the Dewsweepers.