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Divots too far to the left?

A Dewsweeper who is a 5 handicap writes in that he is hitting it solid but his divots continue to point to far to the left (a right handed golfer). He asks for help!

Well one of the things I would encourage this Dewsweeper to do is to go back and read Hank’s notes on the sequence of the downswing during his POWER segments. It very well could be that you are making the correct motion but doing them out of sequence. For instance, if you begin your body pivot too soon from the top before your arms fall or lower the club back down the plane you would have a club coming too far from the outside. Re read Hanks tip and see if that shed’s some light on your problem.

Another suggestion I would make is to focus on the correct part of the ball. I often ask students who have come to see me down here on the coast where they are looking or trying to hit and there answer is “the ball” or “I am not sure.” Lets refocus our attention on trying to hit the inside quarter of the ball.

A great training aid we use here at the Hank Johnson School of Golf is the DreamSwing which is really a wonderful tool to help you get the feel of the correct path the swing should make. I would encourage you to try one. For more information on the DreamSwing email us here at the Dewsweepers and we will get you the link!

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