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Pre Shot Routine = More Consistency

We had a great question come in this week.
What can I do to become a more consistent player.
Most club level and amateur players are rarely set up or have the ball in the same spot from swing to swing.
The development of a good preshot routine can help reduce this inconsistency and lead to more consistent shot patterns.

Begin behind the ball
Rehearse any mechanics behind the ball away from the hitting station. We don’t want any mechanical thoughts when we are over the ball
As you walk into the ball place your grip precisely on the club. We don’t want player’s fidgeting with their grip once they are over the ball as it increases tension.

Step into the ball finding the back of the ball with your rear foot. At the same time aim the club face behind the ball at the target.

Now bring your front foot up next to your rear foot and square to the target line. If you drop your rear foot back a step and take a small step forward with your lead foot your ball will be in the proper position.

Take a long look at your target and swing.

Repeating this pre shot routine will produce more consistent shots and lower scores
And that’s the Cleveland golf tip of the week,.

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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