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Shut Club Face?

When it comes to club face issues I always start with the grip. One thing to check is to make sure that your left hand if you are a right handed player is not turned over too far to the right. If you can look down at address and see 3 or 4 knuckles or the back of your entire left or lead hand than your grip is too strong and could be leading to a shut club face
Also monitor your Right hand or rear hand of a right handed player. Too often a player will have the right hand underneath the club and way too strong. Make sure when looking down at address at your right or rear hand that you done see the fingernails of your 4 fingers. Place your hand more on top of the club at address.
On the takeaway keep your right or rear hand on the side of the club as the club goes back with the toe rolling open. This will help keep the face from shutting down and help you make a swing with a square club face.
Try these suggestions and see if you don’t fix your shut club face

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