If you are having trouble swinging the club on the correct path and cant start the ball on line try this at-home remedy that I use daily in my teaching
First you will need:
Two mag lite flashlights
24 inch piece of PVC pipe
Bungee cord
Put one mag light in each end of the PVC pipe connected with the bungee cord. Now you are ready to fix your path!
Find yourself a seam in your driveway or garage or you can use the seam where your carpet meets your baseboard inside.
Turn on both mag light.
Make rehearsal backswings very slow, tracing the line with the bottom mag light. When the club gets to waist high and r wrist hinges you should have the butt end of the flashlight now pointing at the line you were tracing.
Repeat this over and over and no matter what path flaw you have, you will be on the way to a better swing plane